DivCHED serves as a means of focusing and enhancing the interests and efforts of all constituencies involved in the teaching and learning of chemistry at every level.
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-Chemical Education News & Announcements-

Welcome to the ACS Division of Chemical Education website. Here you can keep up-to-date with activities, news, and opportunities in chemical education. Do you have something interesting you'd like to share with the Division?
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Congratulations to the 2019 Elected Officers of the Division of Chemical Education

Congratulations to the following elected officers of the Division as they begin their roles on the Executive Committee.

Chair-Elect: Dawn Del Carlo (winner)

Symposia proposals for the fall ACS national meeting to be held in San Diego on August 25-29, 2019

Dear DivCHED Members,

Now that the turkey leftovers are dwindling, we send this reminder that it is already time to propose symposia for the fall ACS national meeting to be held in San Diego on August 25-29, 2019. 

Proposals are solicited for any chemical education-related topic. It would be especially great to have proposals related to the meeting's primary theme: “Chemistry and Water". Many thanks to those of you who have already submitted symposia for the meeting!

If you are interested in organizing a symposium, please send your symposium title, abstract, category (open, invited, or both) and contact information for each organizer to your meeting co-chairs, Iona Black (diblack4@gmail.com) and Li-Qiong Wang (li_qiong_wang@brown.edu) as well as Patrick Daubenmire (pdauben@luc.edu), CHED program chair.

In order to make the advertisement of the symposium in the C&EN Call For Papers we need your submission by Saturday, December 01, 2018. 

Later submissions will be considered but you will have missed the deadline to be advertised in C&EN.

We look forward to seeing many of you in San Diego next fall!

Iona Black, Li-Qiong Wang, and Patrick Daubenmire

"Team San Diego-Fall 2019"

Application deadline for ACS DivCHED International Travel Award is November 30, 2018

The Division of Chemical Education funds a Travel Award each year in support of a division member who presents and fully participates in an international chemical education conference held outside

Anna Wilson, 2018 DivCHED Outstanding Service Award

It is my distinct honor to draw attention to the recipient of the Division of Chemical Education’s Outstanding Service Award, our beloved Anna Wilson. 

In her nomination, it was suggested that this is the “Year For Anna”. And why?

She has completed her years of service as our Treasurer.  It also is a year when Anna is continuing her work with the Division by agreeing to stay on as a regular member of the Finance Committee. Thus, for many reasons it would be a perfect time to wrap our arms around Anna, recall her many accomplishments, and convey our appreciation for her years of service.

The composition of these comments was difficult, not because it is difficult to honor Anna – far from it!- but because, normally , when we need to compile information about our distinguished service recipients , Anna is the go-to for the institutional memory that we need. So I apologize at the outset for any omissions we might have here.

Anna has been a member of the division since 1975—let that sink in — 1975, the President was named Ford and the top music of the day was The Bee Gees “Jive Talkin” and the Captain and Tenille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together”. Over the years Anna  has performed a number of different leadership roles: Many of you know her as the Treasurer of the Division from 2000 until this past year but you might not recall that Anna was program chair for the 1998 BCCE in Ontario, Canada and later served a four year term as the Program Chair for the Division. 


Fall 2019 National ACS Meeting, Call for Symposia

Now that the dust has settled and we are all full of clam chowder and lobster, believe it or not it is time think about proposing a symposium for the fall ACS national meeting to be held in San Diego on August 25-29, 2019Proposed symposia are solicited for any topic in chemical education, and it would be especially great to have proposals related to the meeting's primary theme, "Chemistry of Water," as well as proposals for symposia that are organized in cooperation with other ACS technical divisions.

The Division of Chemical Education includes members that vary in ethnic/racial background, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status, as well as professional level and area of expertise.  To meet the needs of its membership, the Division encourages and supports a wide range of topics for its programming.  Specifically, the Division seeks to recruit diverse symposium organizers and to provide programming that attracts speakers of various backgrounds, appeals to a variety of audience members, and includes issues related to diversity and inclusion.

To submit a proposal for a symposium, please use the form found at https://goo.gl/forms/V7PX4frtlnvob85G3.  Submissions received by Monday, November 19, 2018 will be included to appear in the C&EN “Call For Papers.”  Later submissions will be considered; while, you will have missed the deadline for your symposium to be advertised in the C&EN “Call For Papers,” it will still be listed on the ACS website after abstracts open.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your meeting co-chairs Li-Qiong Wang, Iona Black, and Andy Marsh.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in San Diego next fall!

Li, Iona, and Andy

Home is Where Your CER Is: Pursuing CER at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution

by Jessica VandenPlas, PhD, Grand Valley State University

When I accepted my first tenure track job teaching at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI), I assumed it would be a temporary stop—a stepping stone to the coveted R1 position for which I had been groomed in graduate school.  This was a path I had seen many of my well-respected senior colleagues in the field of chemistry education research (CER) take, and I assumed my path would be no different.  I graduated at a time when there were still very few post docs in CER, and even fewer R1 institutions willing to hire a newly minted grad student without a proven track record, such as myself.  Most of the chemistry education researchers I saw being successful at R1s at the time had started out at PUIs themselves, building up that track record, before moving into these elusive R1 positions.  My plan was to use my time at a PUI to build a similar track record, and then move on to the position I thought (at the time) I truly wanted.  However, as is the case with many temporary stops, this one has become my home. Some 10 years later, although freshly-graduated-Jessie would have rolled her eyes at this, it is a position I have grown to love, and honestly cannot see myself leaving.

Congratulations the DivCHED members who have been named ACS Fellows in 2018

The Division of Chemical Education is fortunate to the include the following 2018 ACS Fellows in the DivCHED membership:

Gauthier, Carmen V.

Florida Southern College
Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for her contributions in the field of metal-organic materials (MOMs), mentoring students involved in undergraduate research, and tireless efforts fostering local, regional and international collaborations.
Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for her leadership in the Florida Local Section as Chair and Councilor, as well as service to SOCED, Membership Affairs, Community Activities, and the Division of Chemical Education.

Howson, Elizabeth M.

Chatham High School
Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for innovative and effective teaching strategies, applications of science education technologies, leadership in professional development collaboration, and encouraging and mentoring students in premier state and national science competitions.
Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized as chair of the Committee on Chemical Safety, and leadership in developing, promoting, and implementing chemical safety education guidelines and in advocating for an improved safety culture throughout the chemistry profession.

Karukstis, Kerry Kathleen

Harvey Mudd College
Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for her leadership in collaborative research with undergraduates, in externally funded initiatives promoting undergraduate research at the national level, and in strategies advancing women STEM faculty at liberal arts institutions.
Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for service as Vice Chair and member of the Committee on Professional Training; Journal of Chemical Education feature editor; contributor to symposia mentoring younger chemists and women STEM faculty.

Kim, Judy E.

University of California at San Diego
Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for contributions to biophysical chemistry and spectroscopy, with focus on membrane protein folding and amino acid radicals.
Contribution to the ACS community:  Recognized for service to the Division of Physical Chemistry, including the Biophysical Subdivision and Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Awards, and leadership as Vice Chair of the Graduate Education Advisory Board.

Munson, Burnaby

University of Delaware
Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized for initiating fundamental research in ion chemistry and ion molecule reactions, which led to his invention of chemical ionization, a method used to identify molecular structures.
Contribution to the ACS community:  For introducing thousands of University of Delaware students to the ACS through the Student Affiliate section, providing them with opportunities for leadership, community service, and professional development.

Zimmerman, Doris Lucile

Thiel College (Retired)
Contribution to the science/profession:  Recognized as a tireless educator in STEM education, encouraging everyone, especially women, to pursue careers in chemistry. As a teacher, she modeled excellence in science to thousands of students.
Contribution to the ACS community:  Doris Zimmerman is a Councilor and a member of C&B, currently serving as Secretary. She has served on the executive committees for POBS and CERM for over 27 years.

DivCHED members who were named ACS Fellows in previous years can be found here.

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